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PanPastel Starter Set EXTRA DARK - Set of 5

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This PanPastel set contains 5 extra dark colours, perfect for adding depth and tone to artwork. All colours can be mixed to create intermediate colours.

PanPastel Colours are professional artists’ quality soft pastel packed in a unique pan format. They can be used for painting, drawing, and mixed media.

This product includes five PanPastel colours, a Sofft Mini-Applicator, a Sofft Sponge Bar, two Sofft Knife Covers (No. 1 and No. 2), and a storage jar.

Colours Included:

  • Chromium Oxide Green Extra Dark 660.1
  • Ultramarine Blue Extra Dark 520.1
  • Violet Extra Dark 470.1
  • Permanent Red Extra Dark 340.1
  • Hansa Yellow Extra Dark 220.1

Please Note: Contents may vary according to availability.

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