ARTdiscount Artists Value Brushes

Artists Value Profile (Black Short Handle)

These are the ultimate synthetic watercolour brushes. Crafted from a blend of differing hair diameters, they give a combination of colour holding, precision and endurance. Ranging from a 2/0 to a size 10 in round and 1/8” to 2” in flat, it is the most comprehensive range in the Artist’s Value series.  Here, you are sure to find a suitable size for your purpose!

Artists Value Ivory Taklon (Brown Long Handle)

This range is designed with the acrylic painter in mind. These brushes contain a mix of firm synthetic filaments which give the brushes both spring and strength. They also provide a natural feel and superb control when in use. Ivory Taklon is also suitable for oil painters who desire a similar strength to that of a bristle brush, but give a sharper and more precise working edge or tip.