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20 Years online

2001 - 2021

A word from Mark Hudders - Granthams/ARTdiscount MD

Granthams business was founded in 1890 as a sign writing service in Blackpool.

Throughout the 20th century the development of the business continued into not only a graphic services provider but also a supplier of graphic art materials and supplies.

During the 1980’s we embraced, rather than resisted, the new technologies that were emerging in the graphics industries including computer based creative systems for applications in the small and large format graphic services sectors across the UK.

Our experience in these related technologies put us in a position to be one of the first art materials supplier to develop a U.K. website offering a wide range of conventional art and graphic supplies for rapid delivery across the U.K. and at highly competitive prices.

ARTdiscount was launched in the summer of 2001 and rapidly established itself as a national supplier of art/graphic related essentials to professionals, education, commercial artists and local government.

The evolution of the ARTdiscount website through the years

Thank you to all our loyal customers

Here's to the next 20 years