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PanPastel Artists' Pastel - 'SHADES' Set of 5 Colours

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PanPastel Colours are genuine artists' quality pastels, uniquely packaged in a pan, allowing the artist to lift, blend, layer, control and apply pastel colour just like paint!

This set of five Shades are made with highest quality pigments, have excellent lightfastness and are so soft you cannot hold them. With this set you will receive a storage jar, two SofftTM covers, a sponge bar, and a mini applicator.

Colours included in this set:

  • Violet Shade (470.3)
  • Ultramarine Blue Shade (520.3)
  • Permanent Red Shade (340.3)
  • Chromium Oxide Green Shade (660.3)
  • Hansa Yellow Shade (220.3)

Each pan contains 35% more material than the average stick*.

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Please Note: Contents May Vary.