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Pocket Colour Wheel

The Pocket Sized Colour Wheel provides a simple, visual aid for illustrating and teaching colour relationships. Its small size makes it perfect for the artist on the move, especially those working en plein air.

The wheel features two sides. It includes: Grey scale, tints, tones, shades and results of mixing colours, illustrations of colour harmonies.

On the top side, select a colour on the outside of the wheel. Then, align it with a colour inside the wheel to see what the mixture would produce in the window.

The other side allows you to view colour relationships. Turn the dial so that the arrow points to a pure colour in the outer row. Colour relationships are then shown using the diagram in the centre. There is a diagram in the centre to show you harmonious colour schemes, great for when you're working out a painting's colour palette.

The wheel also features a useful index of terminology on both sides.

Also available in a larger size.

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