How to dispose of your waste acrylic paint?

Jun 27, 2022 Ben Platt

In this article we will discuss a few of the ways we can be mindful of how we dispose of the waste water and paint dregs we make when working with water-based paints.

Creating festival accessories- Part 3

Jun 20, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

Now that you have created your festival wellies, who doesn't want a coordinating tote bag and water bottle! The flexibility of the products you have bought will allow you to work on all three very different surfaces and still get surprisingly amazing results! Fabric, rubber and plastic!

Vegan friendly art supplies

Jun 07, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

Not that long ago companies didn't have traceability in their own supply chains, and they were not proactive about sustainability, thankfully that is changing!  Many companies are now contributing to a healthier planet and developing eco friendly and animal cruelty free strategies to develop their products.

Let's get festival ready - Part 2

Jun 07, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

There is sooo much inspiration out there on the high street, this year's fashion trends include back to the late 90’s and early 2000s with the latest Y2K fashion hits, or create your own Psychedelic inspired Wellies! Organic and morphing shapes means anything goes! 

Artist Interview: Nanci France-Vaz

Jun 01, 2022 Catherine Peters

This June, we welcome Nanci-France-Vaz. A modern renaissance artist drawing inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite and Naturalist periods of art, poetry, and classic literature, and film. Combining her strong foundation in life painting with imaginative backgrounds fusing classical with contemporary realism. 

Let's get festival ready! - Part 1

May 24, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

In this article we are going to look at all the products we sell on our online shop which can help you personalise your clothing and accessories to stand out in the crowd! We have products to use on your wellies, canvas shoes, hats, t-shirts, bags and umbrellas, tents, flags, and to create a personal totem for your group!

Glazing with acrylic paints

May 19, 2022 Ben Platt

Glazing is a simple enough technique to explain but has a little nuance when it comes to its application. In this article we will explain glazing with acrylic paints, the techniques involved and the products available to make glazing super simple.

What painting palette should I buy?

May 10, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

We need palettes for many different painting mediums and water-activated products, and as there is no one single palette that covers everyone's requirements, we have put this guide together to help answer any questions you may have and hopefully find the palette that is right for you?

VIVIVA Coloursheets

May 04, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

If you love traditional watercolours and want to take them on holiday but don't want all the fuss and clutter, then Viviva Colorsheets are for you! They are 100% eco friendly, biodegradable and non toxic. They have never been tested on animals. They are fun, easy to use, can be used for spontaneous creation or for just getting lost in your own creative zone!

Artist Interview: Oliver Winconek

May 01, 2022 Catherine Peters

This month we welcome Contemporary Oil painter Oliver Winconek, based in Cambridgeshire specialising in Portraiture, the figure and modern still life, to talk to us about his early influences and his current practice.

Celebrities who make art

Apr 27, 2022 Catherine Peters

We are delving into the world of celebrity, not to see the latest romance or what 'she' is wearing today but to discover which celebrities are also Artists who have discovered another creative outlet. Our question is, do they have real talent....?

What is Pebeo?

Apr 20, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

In this article we start by showcasing some of the products available on our website, exciting and innovative products which will awaken creativity and curiosity, developing your love for the arts and crafts whilst developing your own individual style. Products ranging from glass paints, to oil and acrylic paints with a few surprises in-between!

Which is the best Liquitex acrylic paint for you?

Apr 14, 2022 Ben Platt

Liquitex has long been a byword for quality when it comes to acrylic paints. Artists the world over appreciate the variety of high quality acrylic paints and mediums they produce, however it can be tricky to decide on what exactly you are looking for. 

Beginners guide to paintbrushes

Apr 12, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

There are many different types of paint brushes on the market today, and as a beginner it's not surprising that we get very confused and overwhelmed! We are here to guide and support your creative journey, to discuss the different characteristics and properties of each paint brush.

A beginner's guide to watercolour mediums: ox gall & gum arabic

Apr 06, 2022 Ben Platt

Two of the most common but often misunderstood mediums are Ox Gall liquid and Gum Arabic. What are these two mediums and how should you apply them to your watercolour painting?

Artist Interview - Iain Willams

Apr 01, 2022 Catherine Peters

Iain Williams, a Blackpool based Artist who explores the abstract image and mark-making within an expressionistic form, Iain has created his own bold visual language and motifs, referencing urban links and contemporary imagery to create his own style. 

What are Brusho Crystal Colours?

Mar 23, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

 Brusho water-colour powders are very easy to use and are very popular with crafters for scrapbooking, journaling, watercolour painters, illustrators, card makers, designers, and any creative extrovert who loves rich vibrant colours that sing off the paper.

Arts & crafts materials for rainy days and school projects

Mar 15, 2022 Ben Platt

We have collected a list of the essential arts and crafts materials you might want to keep on hand. The paints, glues and other paraphernalia you might find useful to have on hand for art projects on the kitchen table or in the art classroom.

A beginner's guide to PanPastels

Mar 14, 2022 Ben Platt

PanPastels were conceived of by Bernadette Ward & Ladd Forsline, who were interested in reinventing the way artists approached pastels. In their own words;“The idea behind the development of PanPastel was to create a dry colour medium that would work like a fluid paint."See how PanPastels can change the way you think about dry pastel colour.

How can I use Gallery frames?

Mar 03, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

Framing your artwork is a huge consideration and can dramatically change the aesthetic of a painting, print or photograph. Some paintings don’t need a frame, and some will benefit from having one. The beauty of our gallery frames are that they will accommodate a standard canvas, canvas board or wooden panel up to depth of 20mm. 

Popular culture influence on the art world

Mar 01, 2022 Catherine Peters

 We take a dive into the increase of interest in pop culture and more importantly the effect that is having on the art world. Is Art now more or less accessible than ever?

Artist Interview: Jenny Steele

Mar 01, 2022 Catherine Peters

Jenny Steele is a Scottish artist currently based in Manchester, UK whose practice is motivated by 20th century architecture and design producing site-specific artwork, textiles, sculpture, printmaking and events. Jenny explores the cross-over between crafts, architecture, design and fine art wonderfully, producing striking pieces that define spaces.

Symbols of 'love' through art

Feb 24, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

Artists from different cultures have been united by themes of love, passion and devotion, openly or symbolically in their paintings, sculptures, sonnets and poems. Paintings that are familiar to us may use many symbols to create deeper meanings within the more obvious narratives.

Understanding pigments: the nitty gritty on colour

Feb 21, 2022 Ben Platt

Pigment, not what you would get if you made a pig out of cement, but it is instead the light reflecting particles used as the colourant in paints. As long as the human race has existed we have in some form or another been using pigments for decorative purposes. The ways we obtain these colours are as numerous as they are ingenious.

What do you ink? A guide to artist inks

Feb 17, 2022 Ben Platt

Ink is a solution an incredible medium which encompasses the practices of calligraphy, printing and illustration. In this article we will explain the brands of inks we have available and the particular qualities that differentiate them from each other, so you may find the one most suited to your project.

Watercolour landscapes en plein air- Part 2

Feb 15, 2022 Ellie Jakeman

In this blog we will guide you through some of the materials and equipment you may need such as storage for your painting tools, water containers, watercolour paints, brushes, sketchbooks, graphite pencils, watercolour pencils and palettes. 

An introduction to paint pens

Feb 10, 2022 Ben Platt

The humble paint pen has been with us for years and their popularity and reach amongst artists continues to grow. From street artists to fine artists, paint pens are a powerful creative tool that delivers paint immediately when needed, without mess or hassle.

T.V series, documentaries & films for artists & creatives in 2022

Feb 08, 2022 Catherine Peters

We have put together a list of current and future T.V Series, Documentaries and Films that will inspire and entertain any creatives out there!