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Which is the best Liquitex acrylic paint for you?

Founded in 1955 by Henry Levison in Cincinnati Ohio and formerly known as the Permanent Pigment Company, Liquitex has long been a byword for quality when it comes to acrylic paints. Artists the world over appreciate the variety of high quality acrylic paints and mediums they produce, however it can be tricky to decide on what exactly you are looking for. To help you decide which Liquitex acrylic is best for you we will outline the differences between each paint range from Heavy Body to spray paint.

Liquitex Heavy Body

Probably Liquitex’s most well known paint is their Heavy Body acrylic paint. This thick, densely pigmented paint has a distinctively viscous consistency with high mark retention. No additional thickening additives are required to achieve this, unlike standard acrylic paints. Each colour in the Heavy Body line is an artist quality paint and all feature high loads of professional grade pigments. Furthermore all liquitex paints are intermixable between the different ranges. For example, adding a slight amount of Heavy Body to a Soft Body paint will increase its viscosity whilst adding to its pigment load.
Available in 117 colours.

Liquitex Heavy Body is a wonderful choice of paint to use when working in impasto techniques as it has excellent brush mark retention. 

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Liquitex Soft Body

Soft Body saw a relaunch in 2019, although this was Liquitex’s original acrylic paint. Back with a new stackable bottle with a precision nozzle cap and an improved formulation. Soft Body is a low viscosity acrylic with superb self levelling qualities and a satin finish. It is ideal for fine detail work due to its fluidity so it requires little thinning for smooth application and blends with ease. Those same qualities also make it an excellent choice to use with Liquitex Professional Pouring Medium.
Available in 100 colours.

Soft Body can be worked to an exceptionally smooth finish or worked heavily to leave brush strokes and provide texture and visual interest to a painting.

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Liquitex Acrylic Gouache

At a quick glance it could be very easy to mistake Liquitex’s ingenious acrylic gouache for their Soft Body, but despite the similarities they are not the same. The acrylic based gouache was made as an alternative to traditional watercolour gouache, to provide an ultra matte, ultra flat and highly water resistant paint. This gouache has all the expected qualities as it applies extremely flat, with next to no brush mark retention. It cleans and thins with water whilst wet. The key differences are that the acrylic binder is water resistant and won’t reactivate if it gets wet when worked upon with successive layers or if you decide to apply a varnish.Available in 50 colours.

Acrylic gouache paints features a black cap to distinguish them from Soft Body paint and their flat matte finish will leave you under no illusions as to what kind of paint they are.

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Liquitex Basics Acrylic

Basics is a highly pigmented, mid viscosity student quality acrylic colour which sits at an economical price point. This range of paints focuses on having good coverage and a broad spectrum of colours to approach any subject matter with, from landscapes to portraits. They serve as a perfect introduction to acrylic painting, practising techniques and colour theory. Each tube contains 118ml of paint and features a flip top cap so it is easy to add a precise amount of colour to your palette. A superb choice for students or when bulk colour is required to fill out areas of a large painting.Available in 72 colours.

Liquitex's economy range of paints packs no less punch than their artist quality equivalents and provides artists host of colours to choose from.

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Liquitex Acrylic Ink

Fluid and highly pigmented, this acrylic based ink is a highly versatile painting, drawing and airbrushing medium. Utilising the same artists pigments as Liquitex’s other professional quality paints, these acrylic inks pack an intense punch and an exceptionally high pigment load. Liquitex inks can be used in refillable paint markers or with paint brushes alongside acrylic paints or watercolour and traditional drawing inks. Their highly fluid consistency also makes them supremely suited for airbrush work at low pressure and require no additional thinning to flow smoothly. Liquitex inks are available in a range of 55 opaque, semi-transparent and transparent colours.

Each bottle of Liquitex ink comes with an integral dropper in the cap. This makes getting ink from the bottle to the palette easy and mess free.

Liquitex Acrylic Ink

Liquitex Professional Acrylic Markers

Made with graphic artists, illustrators and graffiti artists in mind, these acrylic paint markers feature a highly fluid version of Liquitex’s acrylic paint which dries to a satin finish and as always features those same high quality pigments which make such paints renowned amongst artists. The greatest advantage of paint markers is that you have mess free access to paint instantly on the spot, paint that will handily write on most porous surfaces and even some resistive ones such as metal, glass and plastics.Liquitex acrylic marker pens feature either a 2mm or 15mm tip size and come in a range of 50 colours.

Coming in two sizes, these artist markers are loaded with fine art pigment and make for a handy way to delivery powerful, pure colour whenever you require it.

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Each can of Liquitex spray paint comes with coloured collar so you can tell which colour is which at a glance.

Liquitex Professional Spray Paints

This range of high quality spray paints is made with street artists in mind and features a durable matt finish and low odour formula which makes them suitable for indoor use in well ventilated areas. These spray paints offer good even coverage whilst allowing the artist to cover larger areas very quickly whilst still retaining a high degree of control over paint application. Each can comes with a standard cap but spare caps and alternative sizes are also available in cap packs.

Liquitex has colours to match the other ranges of paint, but also include a numbered colour system which introduces tints and shades of some of their most popular colours, such as cobalt blue and cadmium hues, which increase the range of colours available whilst maintaining a consistent tone throughout. For extra protection Liquitex also offers three spray varnishes in matt, satin and gloss. A great choice for stencilling techniques and mural works.

Available in 400ml cans in 100 colours which includes transparent and metallic colours. Cap packs which include standard and a variety of sized caps are available as well.

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As you can see Liquitex have a paint to suit every painter, between their paints and the wide variety of mediums they offer you will find yourself able to tailor your acrylic painting experience to your particular needs no matter the situation. Liquitex’s reputation for the highest quality acrylic paints is well founded after all, they continue to push the boundaries on who makes a good paint and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Liquitex.