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SKU: G30-0974-0


Golden SoFlat Matte Acrylic Paint - 59ml - Pop Set of 6

Golden SoFlat Matte Acrylic Paint is an ultra-smooth levelling acrylic paint with a super-flat, matt finish, made to GOLDEN's usual exacting standards when it comes to pigment load, paint stability and handles.

Product Information

  • Set of 6 fantastic quality, professional acrylic paints
  • Great for creating large flat areas of colour
  • Ideal for fine art, street art, graphic designers etc.
  • Can be used in refillable markers, or brushes
  • Do not use the cadmium based paints in this set for airbrushing

Golden SoFlat is ideal for making large, level, even spaces of matt paint. Accessible in a scope of 40 tones, SoFlat is ideal for artistic work, illustration, street art and graphic designers. It has a flowing consistency and offers excellent coverage on a smooth sturdy surface. While some pigments are naturally transparent, SoFlat has a unique formulation that provides greater opacity from these colours than normal acrylic paints.

SoFlat colours are compatible with GOLDEN Heavy Body, High Flow, Fluid, and Mediums.

Set contains: Cadmium Primrose, Naphthol Red Light, Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Green, Black and Titanium White.