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FW Mixed Media Paint Markers

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A modern colour application system - Simplicity, precision, control, detail. Faster work-flow. No need to clean brushes & pallets & economically controlled flow from by action valve system that allows for easy dosage 

Ideal for use with: 


FW & other water-based inks, directly from the bottle or diluted 


1. Fill marker with water 

2. Add watercolour from the tube 

3. Shake & apply 


If it’s liquid (and non-viscous), it probably works! - A novel way of applying colour and liquid media 

FW Mixed Media Paint Markers allow inks and other liquid media to be applied with precision across a wide variety of nibs and sizes.  You can even mix your own special colours for the Paint Markers.

Ideal for use with FW inks, the markers are also suitable for use with other ranges including watercolours diluted with water, Liquitex inks and drawing inks etc.  

The FW Paint Marker can also be used like a water brush and can be used with inktense blocks or watercolour pencils.

The FW Paint Markers can be washed out if you want to change colours and refilled with other colours.  Or you can simply refill the Paint Marker when it has run out of ink. Each Paint Marker comes with a spare fibre nib.

The FW Paint Markers come in twin packs for all sizes except for the largest Paint Marker which is packed singly.

For best results shake well once the the Paint Marker is filled with your colour, pump the nib gently until the ink starts to flow into the fibre nib and store markers horizontally with the cap on.  Pippets can be used to fill the barrel of the Paint Markers if you are mixing your own colours.

***Not recommended for use with pearlescent inks as they contain tiny particles that can block the fibre tipped nibs.***