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Katie Crossland


Katie Crossland


Being creative and doing art has always been the hobby I come back to. It’s the thing I can trace back through all of my life doing, whether that be drawing animals out of books as a 5 year old with my Grandpa, doing my GCSEs and A levels in art, and now- as I try to progress into an art career. I always come back to it.

For me, art is like breathing, I can’t seem to truly be myself unless I have something on the go or have a creative outlet. Becoming an artist is who I am meant to be, my purpose. I have grown up with drawing and painting.

I particularly loved watercolour and black and white pencil sketches when I was younger, however as I grow as an artist, my creativity is more based around colour, abstract work and more complex methods such as resin. I have gotten to know that actually the artist within me delights in bold big movements with a paintbrush, and bright colours that catch the eye.

I specialise in resin landscapes, such as beaches and watercolour animals in abstract colours. The look on someone’s face when you give them a painting of their favourite animal is indescribable that I can’t quite move on from them yet... I can’t wait to see where my next ventures in art bring me!

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