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Christine Thompson


Christine Thompson


After having studied graphic design at Twickenham Art School, where fine art played a dual role with commercial application, I worked for six years in a London studio as an advertising designer.

During this time, I had made many contacts in advertising so decided to set up my own design and illustration consultancy where I headed a small team of artists for several years.

However, in recent years I returned to the fine art side of my training and has developed my distinctive style as a landscape and seascape painter. My work has been accepted for hanging in many local exhibitions and galleries where it has proved popular and sells well. I also accept commissions from clients.

My most recent paintings are representations of the local landscape, in particular, the South Downs and the Sussex coast. My objective is to capture the essence of the landscape or seascape by exploring the effect of light, colour and tonal values thus creating an individual mood or atmosphere to an often similar vista.

To emphasise these moods I like to perpetuate, on canvas, the ephemeral quality of hedgerow flowers and windswept grasses whose brief appearance herald the changing seasons.

A selection of Christine's work

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Karin jones
Karin jones

April 29, 2019

Fabulous work. Love your seasonal themes in your gallery.

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