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Mike Jory


Mike Jory


Mike Jory's work has been exhibited in the National Art Gallery, Westminster Gallery and Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London along with venues across the South West of England including Gloss in Exeter, The Cove's Quay Gallery in Salcombe, The Tavistock Art Gallery, Art Frame Gallery Plymouth and the Trowbridge Gallery in Castle Cary.

In addition to his artistic endeavours Mike is a professional Physicist and has written extensively for international scientific journals. His PhD and research interests included the way light reflects, refracts and scatters from different materials. The unique perspective provided by this work continually informs his painting, for example in his use of iridescent paint and enhanced reflected hues. Mike's paintings and drawings have appeared regularly in the national press and on TV and are in private collections across the world.

A selection of Mike's work

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Karin McCombe Jones
Karin McCombe Jones

May 02, 2019

Fabulous. Love the light reflecting off/in fur of cow.

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