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Toulla Simon


Toulla Simon


I always enjoyed drawing from a very young age and when I was 12 my parents bought me an oil painting set. I have been painting ever since, self taught with years of practice, creating my own unique style of painting. Especially is this evident in watercolour, where I paint layer over layer to produce bold solid colour not normally associated with watercolour painting. I also paint in oil and acrylic in a detailed and accurate style, however my aim is not to replicate a photographic image.

My work is varied, only because I would get bored painting one subject and feel that having the ability to paint in this way I am not only gaining more experience, but I am forcing myself out of a comfort zone. I also like to keep pushing the boundaries further challenging myself. However, I do have a strong interest in architecture and older people in a local setting which do feature predominantly in my work.

Although I paint what interests me mainly from my travels, I also take on commissions which are mainly pet, people and building portraits. Teaching my style of art and technique by way of demonstrations, workshops and classes is very rewarding. I have held solo exhibitions in the UK and Cyprus, with work in private collections in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. There have also been featured articles and interviews in magazines, radio and Cyprus t.v.

A selection of Toulla's work

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April 25, 2019

excellent Toulla!

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