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May 24, 2019 1 min read

Like King Midas, do you wish for the power to turn everything you touch into gold?

Well it's not really practical, so you could try Roberson Liquid Metal. This works like liquid leaf or gilding paints, applied with a brush, a roller or thinned for airbrush use, ideal for sprucing up homeware, or any art project.

A true metallic effect paint which can be applied to almost any clean, dry surface such plaster, wood, paper & canvas. The rich colours give the appearance of metal lustre but will not tarnish and varnishing is not necessary.

                                                                         Clean and bright metallic colours with modern influences.

We have a selection of 28 of the most popular colours from the range, which are fully intermixable; meaning you can combine to create the exact match your looking for. Including silver and steel shades. These are water based, so no solvents are required for brush cleaning or thinning.

30ml Jars available here.

Larissa Gill
Larissa Gill

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