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Winsor & Newton Watercolour Lightweight Sketchers Box 5ml Tube Set

The lightweight metal tin has space enough for 12 x 5ml professional watercolour tubes and features integrated palettes and mixing wells inside the lids for colour mixing. The underside of the tin features a thumb ring to assist with holding the palette when painting with palette in hand.

We recommend coupling this set with a Sable or imitation Sable-style brush for the best results when painting.

*Colours and series number (s):

Lemon Yellow s4 Winsor Yellow s1
Winsor Red s1 Permanent Alzarin Crimson s3
French Ultramarine s2 Winsor Blue (green shade) s1
Permanent Sap Green s1 Yellow Ochre s1
Burnt Sienna s1  Burnt Umber s1
Ivory Black s1 Chinese White s1

*Please not colours may vary.