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Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Medium Graphite Pencil x12

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A range of graphite pencils for sketching and drawing, suitable for blending, smooth-shading and fine detail. Ideal for capturing movement or inspiration on the go, they come in a range of levels of hardness, with H grades best suited to delicate, intricate drawing, and the softer, darker B grades best for shading and smooth coverage of large areas. For the perfect finishing touch, they're presented in stylish plain metal tins, embossed with the iconic Winsor & Newton logo.

We recommend trying these pencils out with a high quality cartridge paper sketchbook for when you're sketching in the field.

Included in this set: 4H • 3H • 2H • H • F • HB • B • 2B • 3B • 4B • 5B • 6B.