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UNIQUE Professional Quality Cutting Mats


These Professional Quality Cutting Mats from UNIQUE are double sided with 5mm pattern grids on both sides, ideal for lining up artwork.

The cutting mat has a semi-hard rubber-like surface which allows the cutter to bite into it, yet the cut will heal. This means that the blade cannot be deflected in the direction of the previous cut, making these professional quality cutting mats excel when precision counts.

These cutting mats are reversible, featuring both a dark green side and a blue side.

Product Details:

  • Multi-purpose 5ply mat for cutting and writing.
  • To protect your desk and save your blades.
  • For precise, traceless cutting for the professional and hobby market.
  • Secure and anti-slip.
  • Useable on both sides with printed 5mm grid.
  • Ideal writing pad.

Available in sizes:

  • A4 - 30 x 22cm
  • A3 - 45 x 30cm
  • A2 - 60 x 45cm
  • A1 - 90 x 60cm