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SKU: 110-6B


Staedtler Tradition 110 Sketching Pencils


These high-quality sketching pencils from Staedtler are great for writing, drawing, and sketching.

Product Details:

  • High break-resistance through special formulation and super-bonded lead
  • The 12 grades make it ideal for school and office use 
  • Easy to erase and easy to sharpen 
  • Lead diameter 2mm
  • Wood from FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests

A pencil grade primer: The "B" indicates the darkness or softness of the lead, with higher numbers representing softer leads, which shed graphite easier, leading to darker tones. The "H" indicates the hardness, with higher numbers representing harder leads, which have lighter tones, perfect for sketches. The "HB" grade is a middle-of-the-road option and is most widely used.