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Stabilo Premium Fibre-Tip Pen 68 Brush - Tin of 25

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Ideal for great creative techniques such as colour progressions or watercolour effects. The brilliant, lush results feature great coverage and you’ll be proud to show them off!

Product Details:

  • The pen for creative moments: The pen 68 brush and its flexible brush tip are all you need to be creative! 
  • Perfect for beginners of brush lettering as you quickly get a feel for the pressure you need to vary the line thickness immediate success guaranteed! 
  • Ideal for advanced artists because they can use the pen 68 brush to apply a wide variety of creative techniques with it. The ideal tool for brush and hand lettering, bullet journaling, Comics and much more 
  • Dazzling artworks to make everyone smile, thanks to the great colour and coverage
  • Practical: because they use the same water-based ink as the pen 68. Colours between all the pen 68 family match perfectly for 1001 creative options

**Please note: that 5 of the colours are doubled up ie: 2 x number 58 in the pack