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Sennelier Wooden Artists Oil Set of 22 Tubes

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A beautifully constructed wooden box containing a comprehensive selection of Artists’ oils and accessories.

Sennelier gathers only the finest natural and organic pigments from around the world. The pigments are ground very slowly with extreme care to an extra fine consistency. They are then combined in maximum concentration with archival sunflower oil to yield the highest possible tinting strength and lustrous satin finish. The sensuous pigments have a unique buttery texture.

This set is an ideal companion for the travelling oil painter as the box features a handy carry handle, buckles to keep the box shut tight and space enough for 22 40ml oil tubes. 

This set makes for a superb gift for someone looking to get started with oil paint or experiences artists looking to try a new range of oil.

Set contents:

  • 22 x 40ml Tubes
  • 1 x 75ml Turpentine
  • 1 x 75ml Gloss varnish
  • 2 x Brushes
  • 1 x Palette knife
  • 1 x Dipper
  • 1 x Wooden palette
  • 1 x Cleaning cloth

*Please note: This item can only be delivered to U.K. mainland addresses