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Sennelier Watercolour Tube Metal Box - 12 Tubes

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Containing 12 x 10ml Tubes Sennelier L’aquarelle watercolours

A watercolour tailored to the needs of today's artists.

A lightweight metal tin containing a varied selection of watercolours for painting out in the field or at home or college. Sennelier's Artists' watercolours use only the finest quality pigments and have them milled to the finest consistency, then bound with their own unique recipe of gum Arabic and honey to reinforce the colours and give it unrivalled strength and lightfastness.

This set contains:

1 x metal tin, integrated palettes and thumb ring.

1 x Sable watercolour brush

12 x 10ml Tubes:

 501 Lemon Yellow 578 Senelier Yellow Light 675 French Vermilion
636 Sennelier Red 659 Opera Rose 315 Ultramarine Blue
326 Phthalo Blue 899 Forest Green 805 Phthalo Green Light
211 Burnt Sienna 703 Payne's Grey 440 Warm Sepia