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SKU: S31-N-131654


Sennelier Watercolour Half Pan Travel Box

A watercolour tailored to the needs of today's artists.

The Sennelier half pan travel box is an ergonomically portable palette made to keep paints safe and painting convenient at a moment's notice. Featuring 14 half pans of Sennelier's Artist quality watercolour with its signature honey reinforced recipe and a half sized travel brush.

The design includes a section for holding up to 14 half pans and a removable palette which also stores a small travel brush.

This set is a perfect travelling companion for any watercolour artist and we suggest giving it a try with a watercolour sketchbook and a waterbrush pen for instant access to watercolour when you require it.

Colours 14 x half pans: 501 Lemon Yellow - 641 Sennelier Orange - 675 French Vermilion - 689 Alizarin Crimson - 635 Carmine - 679 Quinacridone Red - 917 Dioxazine Purple - 315 Ultramarine Blue Deep - 326 Phthalo Blue - 899 forest Green - 805 Phthalo Green Light - 211 Burnt Sienna - 703 Paynes Grey - 440 Warm Sepia