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Sennelier Pastel Card - The Earth Tones - 360gsm/170lb - 6 Sheets

Sennelier Pastel Card is a highly regarded surface for all dry techniques, due to its many outstanding features and premium quality.

It is a brilliant drawing surface for soft pastels, charcoal or pencils. The 360gsm card is coated in pH neutral, finely ground vegetable fibres to creative a slightly abrasive, but not too aggressive texture.

This texture allows pastels to smoothly across the surface, while having enough tooth to hold pigments and decrease the need for fixative.

Product Details
  • 4 Shades - 2x Naples Yellow, 2x Raw Sienna, 1x Burnt Sienna, 1x Raw Umber
  • 6 Sheets
  • Dimensions - 40 x 30cm