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Sennelier L'Aquarelle Luxury 24 W/C Half Pan box Set

The luxury 24 watercolour half pan walnut set is a beautiful and versatile set which features a comprehensive palette of 24 artists watercolour half pans that give you free rein of the colour wheel and the ability to mix strong tone and the subtlest hues.

2 Brushes and a china palette round out this set giving you a simple but powerful and flexible set of tools to approach most watercolour projects from broad expressive wet on wet works and keenly detailed botanical illustration.

All of this is features in a stained walnut wood box which features integrated dividers for 24 half pan watercolours, space for brushes and a palette.


1 x Sable hair watercolour brush

1 x Kazan Squirrel hair mop brush

1 x Glazed china platte

24 x Half Pans:

501 Lemon Yellow 517 Indian Yellow  566 Naples Yellow
675 French Vermilion 619 Bright red 623 Venetian Red
689 Alizarin Crimson 635 Carmine 679 Quinacridone Red
659 Opera Rose 911 Cobalt Violet Light hue. 917 Dioxazine Purple
315 Ultramarine Blue 326 Phthalo Blue 344 Cinereous Blue
899 Forest Green 837 Viridian Green 805 Phthalo Green Light
252 Yellow Ochre 211 Burnt Sienna 703 Payne's Grey
440 Warm Sepia 205 Raw Umber 755 Ivory Black


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