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Sennelier Iridescent Artists Quality Oil Pastel Sets

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Sennelier Iridescent Artists Quality Oil Pastels.

Artists Quality Oil Pastels - Ideal for craft applications.

Sennelier Oil Pastels - 6 Iridescent Colours

Colours in this pack: 111 Aluminium, 114 Rich Gold, 115 Red Copper, 132 Golden pearl, 123 Transparent blue, 125 Iridescent white.
Artists quality oils pastel, very soft and buttery.

Sennelier Oil Pastels - 12 Iridescent Colours

White, PW6, 001,*** O.
Black, PBk 8/9 PBk 7, 023, ***, O.
Rich Gold, IRIDESCENT, 114, ***, T.
Red copper, IRIDESCENT, 115, ***, T.
Golden pearl, IRIDESCENT, 132, ***, T.
Aluminium, IRIDESCENT, 111, ***, T.
Pale gold, IRIDESCENT, 112, ***, T.
Rich pale gold, IRIDESCENT, 113, ***, T.
Red gold, IRIDESCENT PR3, 134, **, T.
Reddish brown gold, IRIDESCENT, 135, ***, T.
Transparent blue, IRIDESCENT PB 15:3, 123, ***, T.
Iridescent white, IRIDESCENT, 125, ***, T.
O : Opaque *** : Solidité lumière = I Lightfastness (colours are subject to change with out notice by manufacture)

Apply colours directly or mix colours before blending with a rag or your finger. Dilute colours with mineral spirits or turpentine and blend them with a brush.
Seal the paper first with gesso if necessary. Use in mixed media, applying over watercolour, oil or acrylic paint.

Colours may be sculpted with a pre-heated palette knife. After heating, adhere and inlay pigments, sand, sawdust, wood, paper, glass or metal into the moist colour.