SKU: N121820.00

Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Paint Pouches - 5 x 120ml - Primary/Introductory

Abstract is a new concept in both acrylic paint and its' packaging.

Packed into pouches which sit in the hand these creamy, rich paints are easily squeezed out with less paint loss and less packaging involved.

  • The pouch is so strong that you can take it with you wherever you go and, unlike a tube, it can stand up to pressure even if you accidentally step on it!
  • The paint is better preserved because air cannot get inside the pouch.You can use the paint completely: there is no waste and no air bubbles which may cause the paint to spill out.
  • With abstract, there are no surprises when choosing a colour. There's no difference between the colour you can see from the outside of the pouch and the inside.


Primary Red
Mars Black
Primary Blue
Primary Yellow
Titanium White