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Pro Arte Sablesque Blended Mop Brush - Series 45

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When Pro Arte Launched its Renaissance Squirrel Mop range, they were received to high acclaim.

Both Squirrel and Sable hair costs have risen very considerably, necessitating a painstaking search for alternative materials. Recently Pro Arte launched ‘Sablene’, a fully synthetic sable lookalike. They didn’t leave it there. The cost of Squirrel is now at an all-time high and stocks are scarce, so they decided to create an alternative to the Renaissance Squirrel Mop Brushes whilst satisfying the Sable purists.

The result… A satisfying blend of synthetic and natural hair manufactured in a traditional wire mop style with a choice of eight sizes. It looks like sable, it feels like sable and it works like sable.

We give you “Sablesque”.