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SKU: 25840510 - Wooden Box


Royal Talens Cobra Water Mixable Oils Study Wooden Box - 10 x 40ml

This convenient box contains everything you need to start painting with oil paint, without having to use solvents. The set includes a selection of ten Cobra Study water-mixable oil colours, a bottle of painting medium, solvent-free paint thinner, and various accessories to help you get started.

Cobra Oil Colours can be mixed and cleaned with water and are created with only the very best pigments and oils. They can be used in conjunction with traditional oils and when mixed with a ratio of Cobra 4:1, the mixture will retain its ability to be thinned and cleaned with water.

This handy kit is perfect for students and beginning artists.


    • 10 x 40ml Cobra Study Oil Paints
    • Cobra Soap
    • Cobra Painting Medium
    • Cobra Thinner
    • 2 Cobra Brushes
    • Palette Cup
    • Wooden Palette

    Colours Included

    • 105 Titanium White
    • 266 Permanent Orange
    • 275 Primary Yellow
    • 315 Pyrrole Red
    • 369 Primary Magenta
    •  409 Burnt Umber
    • 504 Ultramarine
    • 572 Primary Cyan
    • 623 Sap Green
    • 701 Ivory Black