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RGM Professional Lino Cutting Chisels

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These tools are highly regarded in the field of engraving for linoleum and wood.

These chisels are considered to be excellent in the field of engraving for linoleum and wood. Through the use of high quality materials with excellent sharpness of the blade and a solid grip of the handle, this RGM tool allows a 'careful precision in engraving facilitating the manual and safety in processing.

Features: tempered steel blade and manually sharpened. The particular "bent" form of the blade facilitates the carving allowing  greater precision. The strong grip of the handle gives more manual support to during the sculpture maintaining security in the process.

Strengths: produced by RGM with high quality materials great sharpening blade with a particular "bent" form of the blade that facilitates the carving. Secure grip on the handle is indicated for use in the education and professional used elegant packaging with window and euro hole for exposure

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