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Pro Arte W8 Brown Acrylix Set

Designed especially for acrylic painters who require precision for detail, tremendous ‘spring’ and great pointing adaptability. Quality synthetic bristles and a glossy traditional short wooden handle.

Combining a mix of brushes throughout the Pro Arte Acrylix range, the W8 brush set provides rounds for fine detail and a flat for lining work. 

Developed for the use with acrylic paint, the Pro Arte Acrylix range uses a stiff synthetic hair that is able to cope with the heavier pigment. The stiffness of the nylon means that there is more control and precision especially when painting small and in fine detail.

Shorter handles allow for quicker and more precise work, which is needed when working with quicker drying pigments.

Contains:Series 202 Round (sizes 0, 2, 4 and 6) and Series 204 Flat (size 1/4")