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Pro Arte W7B Series B Hog Brush Set

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Combining a mix of brushes throughout Pro Arte's Series B hog range, the W7B brush set includes a mix of short flats as well as a round brush.

A cheaper alternative to the Pro Arte Series A hog, Series B hog brushes have long stiff bristles allowing for control. Their blend of hair allows for a good snap and spring, especially due to them being extremely firm and responsive to the needs of thicker oil paint. This also allows them to be very hardwearing and durable

These brushes feature a longer handle allowing expressive/gestural strokes to give a dynamic and lively painting, as well as allowing the artist to stand at a distance from the painting.

  • Short Flat - 1
  • Short Flat - 3
  • Short Flat - 5
  • Short Flat - 7
  • Round - 1