SKU: 23-20

Pro Arte Utility Brushes - Series 23


Pro Arte produce many a flat brush, indeed most ranges carry different sizes. We have specialist Watercolour flats, specialist oil and acrylic flats. We have a big flat Hake made from goat hair and bristle varnishing brushes, all of which are very popular indeed. So, why do we need another?

We live in an age where the choices are great and if there is a niche for something a little different then it usually gets seized upon. We were asked for a brush that would fulfil a purpose in which a soft-tipped yet responsive fibre was required. It needed to carry lots of pigment and it needed to be hardwearing.

In our search to create such a brush we decided upon ferrules made from a rust-proof,  brushed-stainless steel finish. We also wanted a wooden handle that was available from sustainable sources and we found it, fashioned from bamboo it creates a beautiful feel in the hand whilst being able to stand up to the rigours of water ingress. The finished product also looks good!

Thoroughly tested by one of our friends in the north, a high profile picture framer and restorer, the findings came back, “The results are remarkable” we were told. “The brushes perform in a very professional manner” explaining that when using thin fluids the fibre carries lots of colour whilst being able to impart it gently through the soft feathered tips, and during use with heavy pigment, the control was quite superb. For coating and varnishing they were described as being excellent in every way, and without the annoyance of shedding hair or leaving brush marks.

Try them for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!