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Pro Arte Sablene Brushes - One Stroke - Series 111 - Individuals


Sablene is a fully synthetic, vegan version of Sable, fashioned from brand new synthetic filaments which mimic many of the properties that nature created. Pro Arte have taken a variety of these new filaments and blended them into brushes that now emulate both the look and the feel of sable like never before.

For Sable lovers this is a breakthrough, for synthetic lovers these go to a new level, and for animal lovers and vegans this is paradise!

Sablene mimics both the wider belly and sharp point of natural Sable hair. This allows for good colour holding capacity while still being able to paint in fine detail, all at a fraction of the price of its natural hair alternative.

Product Details

  • Affordable and high-performance synthetic brushes.
  • Acts, looks and behaves like sable.
  • Suitable for a variety of techniques.
  • Sharp and responsive point.
  • Durable fibres.
  • Wave synthetic hair.

Please Note: Prices shown are for individual brushes only.