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Pro Arte Renaissance Sable Brush - Rigger

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Pro-Arte Renaissance is designed to please the purists who insist on traditional sable with its wonderful colour holding ability. What is most pleasing is the price. Compare Renaissance with any other artists' quality sable on the market and you will find Renaissance around half the price!

They feature pointed ends that are much longer than the Renaissance Rounds, but with the same high quality sable hair. This is an excellent rigger brush with strength, spring And the ability to hold more colour.

Distinctly designed. It features generous filament in a gold plated ferrule which is finished with handsome dark green handles. The high quality sable combines a mixture of soft and medium natural hairs to create a high colour holding capacity while still maintaining the perfect spring. They feature good colour holding properties and keep a sharp, responsive point.

Please Note: Prices shown are for individual brushes only.

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