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Pro Arte Prolene Riggers - Series 103


These Pro Arte Prolene Series 103 Rigger Brushes feature pointed ends and are much longer than their Series 101 Round counterparts. This is a very good rigger brush possessing length, strength and spring.

Pro Arte Prolene brushes are made from an high quality synthetic hair which is exceedingly hardwearing and durable. They retain their shape, point and spring extremely well and have great colour holding qualities. The ferrules are made from seamless nickel and the brushes are hand finished to a very high quality. The handles are polished black with gold tips.

These brushes are most suitable for use with watercolour but can also be used with gouache, tempera, inks and thinned acrylic paints. Prolene is suitable for professionals and beginners alike due to hard wearing and durable fibres that are able to withstand frequent use.

Please Note: Prices shown are for individual brushes only.