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Pro Arte Polar Brush Set 31WB

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Pro Arte Polar Brushes are an alternative to their Prolene range, offering artists excellent spring and colour holding properties with an extremely good value for money. They are great quality brushes ideal for watercolour painting and some light work in acrylics. Perfect for students, beginners, and hobbyists.

They feature white polished handles, aluminium ferrules, and white nylon bristles. The white bristles allow artists to see the colour of paint being applied more clearly, and offer durability and resilience meaning that it is able to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

This set contains five brushes, with four rounds and one flat. 

  • Round 31 - Size 2
  • Round 31 - Size 4
  • Round 31 - Size 6
  • Round 31 - Size 8
  • Flat 32 - Size 3/8"