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Pro Arte Masterstroke Miniature Brushes - Set of 6 Brushes

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Designed for crafters, students and beginners, Pro Arte Masterstroke brushes are an economical yet high-quality brush suitable for use with all media. Their softer yet more resistant hair makes them able to carry plenty of watercolour, but firm enough to push thinned oil paint around. They’re able to maintain a sharp point, perfect for fine art and miniature painting.

As they are made from synthetic fibres, these brushes are very durable. The brushes in this set have short handles. Their versatility makes them suitable for all types of craft uses such as ceramic painting, glass painting, face and nail art, and more.

The brushes included in this set are as follows: 10/0, 5/0, 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0.