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POSCA Markers - 8 Standard Colours - Assorted Sizes

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These assorted sets of Posca Markers feature 8 standard colours, making them a perfect place to get started with these unique, versatile markers.

Uni POSCA Markers contain water-based pigment inks that produce poster-like, vibrant colours. They are lightfast and waterproof and will write on virtually any surface from glass to paper without bleed.

Once dry, the opaque ink can be completely covered with a new ink application.

We recommend giving these pens a try with black paper for a look that really pops or Bristol Board for exceptionally smooth flat application. 

Each Set Contains the Colours: Black, Green, Blue, Violet, Red, Pink, Yellow, White

Sizes: PC-1MR (0.7mm pin nib), PC-1M (0.7 bullet nib), PC-3M (1.3mm bullet nib), PC-5M (2.5mm bullet nib)

For inspiration and how to fix Posca ink, see our Posca Marker Uses Infographic.