Pocket Size Portable Painter - Ideal for Travel

The Portable Painter is a watercolor palette that folds into a compact, elegant case that fits effortlessly in a pocket or purse.  The result is not just easy to carry, but simpler and more versatile to use. It was designed from the ground-up, so it’s unlike anything else on the market.  It’s great on any flat surface, but on uneven ground, the built-in water containers excel as a sturdy pedestal base for the palette.  Perhaps most surprisingly it can even balance on a knee.  This allows your hands to be completely free to hold both paper and brush as you paint, so it’s ideal for urban sketching and plein air painting. 

Whether you’re on a trail in the Sierras, at a sidewalk café in Venice, or even at home, you’ll find that the Portable Painter it’s the ideal compact watercolor palette.  Artists will love its quality construction, attention to details and unique built-in water containers, brush rests, and folding, synthetic double brush. Once you try it, we’re confident that the Portable Painter will become your new creative companion. 

- Half pan watercolour contents, sold separately