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Sennelier Pigment Binders - 200ml

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Acrylic binding medium

Pure acrylic (acrylic polymer) resin, 46% dry extract.ITS USE IS IDENTICAL TO THAT OF CAPAROL BINDING MEDIUM.


Glossy, transparent product suitable for interior and exterior, better stability in water than the caparol-based product.
The less methyl-cellulose binding medium used to prepare the pigments, the more the acrylic color will be water- resistant when dry.
Provides a smooth, glossy film, depending on the percentage of acrylic resin used.


Oil binding medium

A thick, non-yellowing vegetable oil specifically developed for grinding oil colours of optimum consistency. This ready-to-use binding medium is compatible with all the pigments traditionally used in oil paint.

It includes a full, lead-free drying agent that permits normal drying time, both on the paint surface and in depth.

This binding medium can be mixed in varying proportions, according to :
1. The pigment.
2. The type of grinding.

Add this binding medium gradually during grinding until the desired paint texture is obtained.
Its viscosity makes grinding easy, and the resulting paste consistency is smooth and easy to work with, for painters with little experience in colourmaking. 


Gouache binding medium

Provides a matte, opaque paint that can later be reworked with water if desired.
A ready-to-use product made from natural gum, glycerin, water, and a preservative.

If the resulting paste is too thick, it can be thinned with small quantities of water without modifying the paint’s opacity or matte finish.
Thin with water. For permanent colors, coat your painting with gouache varnish to protect the dry paint films. 


Watercolour binding medium

This product contains gum arabic, honey, water, and a preservative. When mixed with dry pigments, it provides a smooth, water-soluble paste with a honey-like consistency. If paints are too thick, this ready-to-use medium can be used as a thinner.

It will also maintain the watercolour’s transparency and brilliance.
Thin with water (to increase the binder’s fluidity, add 5 to 10% water maximum).


Egg Tempera

Plain egg yolk, separated from the egg white and yolk outer membrane, is a natural emulsion binder used in artists’ paints since ancient times. In face, painting with colours made with egg yolk (egg tempera) has a much longer history than oil painting. Most primitive paintings were painted with egg tempera.

Prepared egg yolk contains the same properties as whole egg but in different concentrations. It can be used as either a binder or medium. Alternately, the entire egg, with egg white included, can also be used.

Use egg yolk to make a durable yet delicate water-soluble paint.
Egg yolk binder:
- 1 to 4% in (demineralized) water,

- 1 to 3% preservative. Preservative is an essential ingredient ; if eliminated, the paint will not last. 

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