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Pentel Pocket Brush Pens + 2 Refills


Pentel Brush Pen + 2 Refills

The Pentel Brush Pen is the ideal medium for a variety of stylised design work including calligraphy, cartoon illustration and graphic design.

Especially suitable for the fine art of traditional Japanese illustration and calligraphy, the Pentel Brush Pen allows the user to achieve a quality of expression previously attainable only with the use of a conventional brush and india ink. With a refillable barrel and a brush tip that maintains its shape, Brush Pen gives constant, yet controlled ink flow to produce fine detail and the authentic long, sweeping strokes of traditional oriental artwork. The convenient refill cartridge is supplied with dense black pigment ink which can be used on almost any surface, from artboard to handmade paper.

For best results we recommend a smother drawing surface such as rice paper for traditional style calligraphy and ink drawing techniques or watercolour paper and bristol board for more illustrative projects.


  • Precise, measured ink flow 
  • High density black pigment ink Water and fade resistant Resilient,
  • Accurate bristles 
  • Leak proof fittings 
  • Clean and convenient to use Refillable