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Pentel Arts Oil Pastel Sets Metallic & Fluorescent Colours


Pentel Arts Oil Pastel Sets offer artists brilliant, long-lasting, oil-based, fade-resistant colours. The vibrant fluorescent shades and the satin-line pearl tones of the metallic oil pastels show up brightly on dark and light-coloured paper.

Draw, paint and blend with these highly pigmented and economically priced pastels. Suited well for use with paper that has a bit of texture to its surface — cartridge papers and pastel papers work best.

Blend colours with paper stumps or a blending fluid for extra smooth colour transitions. Great to use in conjunction with watercolours, oil paints and soft pastels.

Product Details

  • Creamy-softness makes pastels easy to lay down and produce varying textures.
  • Pastels apply smoothly and blend easily using cotton buds, fingers or tortillon for subtle shades, tints and colour mixtures.
  • Can be thinned or blended with mineral spirits.
  • Ideal for most types of paper (including, pastel, watercolour, cartridge, craft etc) as well as canvas, oil and acrylic boards.
  • Slow drying time makes it possible to work on a piece for several weeks.
  • Available in sets of either Six Metallic Colours, Six Fluorescent Colours, or a combination pack of Twelve Colours.