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Pebeo Vitrail Glass Painting Set - 10 x 45ml

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This Pebeo Vitrail Collection Set contains everything you need to start glass painting in a customisable box with 2 draws for storing the paints and accessories.

The storage box is made from a heavy duty brown cardboard.

Included in this Pebeo Vitrail Collection Set is 9 x 45ml Vitrail glass paint colours (White, Lemon, Crimson, Salmon Coral, Red Violet, Deep Blue, Teal, Dark Green & Black), 1 x 45ml Vitrail Lightening Medium, 2 x 20ml Cerne Relief (White & Gold), 1 x Paint Brush & a leaflet.

Pebeo Vitrail is a solvent-based transparent glass paint with a professional glossy finish.