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Pebeo Marble Effect Paint Set - 10 x 45mls


  • Marbling collection case - 10 x 45 ml : white, lemon yellow, vermilion, Bengal pink, Ultramarine blue, cyan, emerald green, sienna, black,
  • 35g marbling bath,
  • 1 Instructional leaflet

This Pebeo Marbling Collection Set contains 9 x 45ml Pebeo Marbling paints (White, Lemon Yellow, Vermilion, Bengal Pink, Ultramarine Blue, Cyan, Emerald Green, Sienna & Black), a 35g bottle of Marbling Bath / thickener and a booklet with project ideas.

Everything is contained in a brown customisable storage box made from a heavy duty cardboard, with 2 drawers for storing the paints and accessories.

You can use Pebeo Marbling Inks on paper, eggs, wood, plaster, fabrics and other light weight surfaces.

If using to create a marble effect on fabrics, use an iron to fix them so that they can be washed in a machine.

Just add the marbling thickener included to a tray of water and allow to stand for 2 hours. Then, using the dropper lid, add the marbling colours and swirl around using a stick. This creates a marbled pattern on the surface of water that you can then place your object on to be marbled.

Previously known as a Pebeo Workbox.