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Pebeo 4Artist Marker - 15mm

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 This 15mm Pébéo 4Artist Marker has a WIDE tip, perfect for large applications of colour.

The 4Artist Marker is Pébéo’s multi-application "Oil-based Marker" that will revolutionise your approach to markers and to traditional painting! They offer precision drawing on most surfaces. The results will not be as glossy on porous surfaces. They adapt perfectly for work on canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, porcelain, plaster, mineral material, and more.

The 4Artist Marker is ideal for use in mixed media applications and can be used with fine arts and graphic arts paints (oil, acrylic and auxiliaries, inks, etc.), or with Pébéo specialty paints such as Ceramic, Vitrail, Fantasy Prisme, Fantasy Moon and Gédéo resins.


  • Colours: vivid, opaque, glossy and very lightfast 
  • Oil-based 
  • Indelible once dry 
  • Cleaning: with odourless mineral spirits 
  • Drying: Fast (5 to 15 minutes depending on the porosity of the surface and the thickness deposited) 
  • Markers should be stored horizontally 
  • Markers are non-refillable 


The 4 Artist Markerneeds to be primed before use, to proceed: 

  1. With the cap on, shake the marker firmly to get the ball moving; then 
  2. Remove the cap and press the tip repeatedly on an alternate surface until the paint starts flowing. 
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