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Palette Knife Painting in Acrylics - T. Fisher

Palette Knife Painting in Acrylics by Tim Fisher

Add vibrancy and texture to your acrylic paintings!

Perfect for those new to palette knife painting, Tim Fisher's inspirational guide is the ideal introduction, combining clear instructions and step-by-step photographs with aspirational paintings.

Palette knives for painting come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can be used in a variety of ways, at different angles, to apply acrylic paint thickly and freely for rich, textural results.

Discover the range of techniques you can try, and marks you can make from delicate dots to thick slabs of colour; then progress to a series of eight projects, from a simple yet effective row of bold, blocky beach huts, right through to a challenging yet incredibly satisfying and striking sunset scene of Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, painted on a black background for huge visual impact.

Use your palette knives alongside traditional paintbrushes to introduce texture and dimension into your paintings, and discover how to combine classic painting techniques with mixed-media and collage featuring found objects.