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Paint Pad Poster Book: Country Scenes: 5 Beautiful Pictures to Frame or Paint

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See inside this book

  • 5 Posters to pull out and display
  • 5 Stage by stage illustrated tutorials
  • 5 Ready-to-paint outlines on watercolour paper

Whether a complete beginner, colorist looking for a new challenge or budding artist this oversized (11x17") step-by-step guide with pull-out pre-drawn watercolor paper and posters will have you producing great art to amaze yourself and your friends alike.

Have you always wanted to paint but think you don't have the skills or the time? Think again and paint side-by-side award-winning artist's work and create beautiful large painting of your own. This innovative new series gives you 5 beautiful (11x17") posters to pull out and frame, along with the ready-to-paint watercolour outline and illustrated stage-by-stage instructions you need to paint each artwork for yourself.

In this title, choose from paintings by celebrated artists Terry Harrison, Geoff Kersey and Keith Fenwick, and paint a range of seasons and inspiring country landscapes. Journey to a tranquil New Forest stream, a rolling Tuscan hillside and a snowy mountain river, and enjoy a masterclass in landscape painting. The large, landscape format of the book allows each stage to be clearly and comprehensively explained with an innovative annotation approach.

Follow the large, clear step-by-step instructions included for each flower, breaking down how to paint each section into manageable parts. Enjoy the freedom of pulling out these pages too, which you can then pin your work surface, for an even more effortless adventure.

With finished artwork, step-by-step instructions and ready to paint outlines let this innovative title lead you into producing beautiful, frameable watercolor landscapes to amaze you and your friends. Guaranteed.