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SKU: MON-05-T8000


Montana Texture Coating Spray - Grey - 400ml

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This grey texture spray from Montana is great for generating sculptured impasto surfaces. It is suitable for creative works of all kinds, as well as filling material to patch up small irregularities such as cracks, holes or as a foundation.

Montana Texture Coating Spray is applicable on many different surfaces such as wood, glass, stone, ceramics, porcelain, acrylic, and other non-elastic surfaces. By spraying your object with a thick layer of the Texture spray, the foundation will be coated with a high-grade, well adhering substance that can be sculpted with a brush or painting knife while wet to achieve the desired structure. 

The structure spray can be wet sanded after a very short drying time. After thoroughly dry and cured, Texture spray can be top-coated with many common lacquer types. The spray has good adherence and is highly water resistant. It offers a high layering and thick filling capacity due to excellent paint stability. Texture spray offers increased anticorrosive protection to the surfaces it is applied to.