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SKU: MON-05-T2300


Montana - Universal Primer - T2300 - 400ml

The Montana Universal Primer is the perfect tool for the job when you want to create a neutral surface of which to apply further coatings onto. As an all rounder of the Montana Primer Range, the Universal Primer is the primer of choice for those who just want something for varied surfaces.

This can is ideal for sealing and preparing surfaces for the efficient application of further colour coats. It assists in adhesion, maximises coverage of further coatings, seals porous surfaces and protects from the elements.

It offers resistance against rust, a smooth surface to work on and generally prepare and protect a substrate for further coating.

The Montana Universal Primer also increases the durability of surfaces once coated. We suggest trailing on a non-visible area of your material to test for compatibility.

You can apply any Montana-Cans colour, TECH or EFFECT spray over the UNIVERSAL PRIMER once it has dried and cured. Montana UNIVERSAL PRIMER will increase the intensity and longevity of the coatings applied over it.

Curing time is 24 or more hours depending on ambient temperature and moisture levels. The Montana UNIVERSAL PRIMER is a white coloured, semi gloss coating, in a Nitro-Combi based composition which achieves a neutral colour base for the application of any of the Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK or Montana WHITE colour range.

Montana UNIVERSAL PRIMER can be applied to wood, metal, firm paper, cardboard, concrete, ceramic and other materials.

Smooth, even application is effortless thanks to the Montana FLAT JET Medium cap which is standard on the can. To vary the spray application, why not try Montana LEVEL 1-3 caps. Ensure all surfaces are completely clean and free of dust, oils and rust. In cases where rust is present, ensure all rust is removed before application.

USE: Apply primer in several thin layers spraying before the previous coat is fully dry, but with 1 or 2 minutes between each pass. Further coats might require a drying time of 24 hours or more depending on substrate. Always test spray on a non-visible area to check compatibility of lacquer or paint. For optimal lifespan, store cans always with the nozzle on.