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Montana Gold Spray Cans 400ml - CRACKLE EFFECT

Montana Crackle Effect Spray is designed for a special crackle-look, giving your artwork a vintage or worn aesthetic.

Pre coating prior to using Montana CRACKLE EFFECT

It is recommended to use Montana GOLD prior coating of your object. The thicker the base coat the stronger the effect.

Give at least 45min but not more than 24 hours drying time to the base coat before applying CRACKLE effect (apply in cross-coat). After extensively applying CRACKLE Effect to your primed area, the distressing (cracking) process will begin to occur. The CRACKLE spray is high-covering and can be top-coated when fully dry and cured (after 24h) with Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK, Montana ACRYLIC markers as well as customary acrylic paints.

Pre priming with Montana Styrofoam primer is required for application on polystyrene.

To achieve greater crackling effects, further application can be applied after 5 minutes.

Always test spray on a non-visible area to check compatibility of lacquer or paint.

Crackle effect

Available in the following colours: gentian blue (RAL 5010), patina green (RAL 6000), squirrel grey (RAL 7000), copper brown (RAL 8004),
pure white (RAL 9010) and traffic black (RAL 9017).

Please note: This item cannot be shipped outside the U.K.

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